Trystanne Cunningham

Editor in Chief

Creative Director

Style Curator | CEO | Founder

Trystanne Cunningham is the Founder and Creative Director of Rare Magazine. Born in Haiti, Trystanne emigrated with her family to California during her teenage years. Not speaking English challenged Trystanne to work hard to break expectations and overcome stereotypes. Throughout her schooling and early careers, Trystanne honed both her creative and project management skills, which she now brings to her latest project—Rare Magazine.

For Trystanne, it wasn’t enough to just be successful. Rather, she feels a deep pull to help celebrate and shine a light on others who are overcoming similar odds to reach success. In 2018, her mission evolved into Rare Magazine, a digital and print publication aimed at featuring underrepresented business owners and brands which inspire readers to explore the rare sides of life.

As a black, Immigrant, female entrepreneur, Trystanne understands how difficult it can be to make your voice heard over a sea of name brands and celebrity influencers. Her magazine perfectly encapsulates her unique perspective. With a talent for finding inspirational stories from around the world, Trystanne is able to make every issue of her magazine a rare treat.

You can reach Trystanne by emailing