Robyn Provencal

Health & Fitness
Contributor | Writer

My name is Robyn and I am a Personal Trainer from Ontario, Canada looking to help motivate and encourage others. I currently work as Master Trainer at an LA Fitness and own my own online training business. Working out and learning about weight training brought me out of a difficult time in life. Now I want to help others who are looking to change their quality of living, and improve their lifestyles. Working as a Personal Trainer for about 6 years now, and studying Fitness & Health Promotion at Georgian College has allowed me to build a knowledge base that can work with varieties of clientele including weight loss, muscle gain, and rehabilitation. I used to play rugby & soccer, which is where I first began working out in a gym. Seeing results from training encouraged me to incorporate it more into my lifestyle, and eventually make a career helping others do the same.