Mickaela Doyle

Special Interests

Mickaela was born and raised in Graham, Washington. A small rural town southeast of Seattle.She grew up yearning for more than a small town life. The insatiable hunger to make a difference in the world grew amidst her difficult childhood. She sold everything she owned at age 23, risking her livelihood for the sake of a new start in San Francisco. She began working in award winning restaurants in the city. This type of work allowed her to meet the diverse population of people that exist within San Francisco. She was offered opportunities she would have never imagined as a young girl in rural Washington state. The new start centered her focus to follow her dreams. She enrolled in classes and is working towards a degree and career as a Therapist. While overcoming the odds stacked against her, she created the mantra for her life, “Be proactive about your happiness.” She spends her hours journaling, reflecting about her life changes, and how they have impacted where she is today. She is here to share her newfound joy through writing.