Laura Wang

Director of Operations
Business Process Consultant

Laura is from Canada (eh!). She is a tenacious, people-oriented go-getter aspiring to help businesses reach their full potential. With 4 years of experience in marketing and 2 years in B2B Client Management under her belt, she has a proven track record of building relationships (creative strategy is her partner-in-crime) while managing multiple projects from inception to completion by 1. dissecting problems to find solutions, 2. asking clients effective questions and 3. having a growth mindset. Her most recent experience is building a Virtual Assistance Freelance business during ahem Covid-19 (the ahem is not from the virus she promises). Starting from $5/hr on Fiverr, she now has 13-15 clients monthly, potential clients on waitlist, 2 team members, and $8500+ in revenue monthly. If you’re looking for a go-getter who values relationship-building and getting sh*t done, she’s the robin to your batman!