Kenson Junicue


Kenson Junicue is a Black Haitian-American award-winning writer who was raised by a grandmother who believed in both, Voodoo and Christianity exclusively – depending on how fast she needed answers. His writing often explores the themes of identity and sexuality — in the likes of movies such as “Moonlight” and shows like “This Is Us”. Like most people, he’s growing tired of what is going on in America when it comes to racism, discrimination, and inequality. And as a young Black man from Haiti, he knows too well what it’s like to live in a society that classifies him as “other”. Whether it’s about his ethnicity, race identity, or diversity, feeling incomplete is a part of his reality. But as his grandma would always have him recite Psalm 23 every night, if there’s one thing he can still remember is the fact that:”L’éternel est mon berger, je ne manquerai de rien.” — Basically, a motherfucker has NO LACK.