In a world of conformity, one magazine is daring you to stand out. Rare Magazine, a new digital and print publication, offers a platform for people, places, products, and projects that might have otherwise remained unseen and unheard.

The well-curated collection of topics—including art, food, travel, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, wellness, sports, philanthropy  and more—introduces readers to a well-rounded life beyond mainstream brands and consumerism. Highly relevant, evergreen in appeal and refreshingly timely, Rare Magazine is truly the epitome of its name.

“We want people to be inspired by these hidden gems we’re bringing in from all over the globe,” Trystanne Cunningham, Creative Director and Founder, says of the magazine. “The people and businesses we feature and promote, don’t typically have an opportunity to be in magazines due to finances or lack of exposure. But they have such a passion for what they do. You can’t help but be inspired when you read about them.”

The magazine certainly delivers. From developing brands to minority entrepreneurs, Cunningham focuses on fresh faces and those who offer a unique perspective in their fields. Not only does the magazine shine a spotlight on these rare individuals, but it also leaves readers with a feeling of solidarity—something that says we are unique individuals with our own voices and talents to be shared with the world, yet this is what brings us together.

Rare Magazine is a digital and print publication curated around the undiscovered, rare talents of underrepresented creatives and entrepreneurs. The magazine is available for download and print copies may be purchased on their website, raremagazine.com. The sister publications Rare Living (released quarterly) and Rare Luxury Living (released annually) further support the important mission of Rare Magazine.

For more information, visit our website or contact inquiries@RareMagazine.com.


Karma Bennett

Oakland, California USA

Michael Daks

London, England UK

Vanessa Jone

Johanessburg, South Africa

Alex English

Los Angeles, California USA

Nizie Nazeha Lokman

Selangor, Malaysia

Cary Wong

Ontario, Canada

Paul Chmigelsky

San Francisco, California USA

Vanessa Ohaha

Abuja, Nigeria

Matthew P. Robinson

Berkley, California USA

Jeanette Smith

Dallas, Texas USA

Shaun O’Neil

San Francisco, California USA

Diane Presler

San Francisco, California USA

Mickaela Doyle

San Francisco, California USA

Courage Muegbeyogho

Benin, Nigeria

Gaelle Beller

Los Angeles, California USA

Antonio Willis
Manchester, England, UK
Jorge Baron

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sven Alberding

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mandy Allen

Johannesburg, South Africa

Warren Heath

Johannesburg, South Africa

Vicki Sleet

Johannesburg, South Africa